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According to recent market stats, is one of the finest videoconferencing sites around. Tinychat has improved chatrooms from ancient 1990s. This videoconferencing site has a new theme, splendid design and a perfect purpose. The site connects with users at a personal level. Young people have been engaged with Tinychat since “America Online”. Today, Tinychat is in rage amongst teenagers. The founders have built it around common chatrooms. But, with exquisite features.

What makes Tinychat special and different would be its hip people, party lovers and young users. You will have kids talking about a wide range of topics. This is why Tinychat has an edge over social medium sites like Tokbox.


Most users admire Tinychat for its “simple registration” methods. The moment you arrive at the site’s homepage, you must register and create an account. The sign-up window begins with common questions (quite similar to what ConnectNow requests).

Two, you can open the chatrooms without registering. These chatrooms will not create a show.

Three, the site features a powerful search function. You can browse chats using a general index. Likewise, you can search for friends. The search option will help you define a different level of personalization in Tinychat.

Pricing / Hidden Fees

Tinychat has free features. However, you should upgrade for a finer experience. Tinychat has three different subscription modes: Pro, Gold and Extreme. The Pro Account costs 4 USD per month. You will be able to see high quality videos without any advertisements. Extreme account holders should pay 6 USD per month. These users receive bonus Tinychat coins. Gold users should pay 37 USD per month. These users get a “Gold” Badge, priority directory listings and tinychat coins.

User Benefits

Most users admire Tinychat for its “basic” functionalities. You don’t have to worry about the microphone or web cam configuration. Tinychat doesn’t burden users with configuration procedures. As you arrive at tinychat, everything will be loaded for you. Moving on, the site features a perfect layout with meaningful icons. Unlike other chatrooms, tinychat doesn’t cramp buttons in a small screen. The screen is big and it has high definition web cams. Tinychat is quite similar to its browser based kin. It relies on flash for the videos. Finally, the site includes desktop sharing.  

Drawbacks / Complaints

Unfortunately, the site can become complex with time! If you have no experience with online chatrooms, account creation can be a tiring process.


If you are worried about connecting with others, Tinychat is a perfect destination for you. Tinychat is a great video chat room. The entire website is cheerfully simple. Above all, this flash based web cam can integrate seamlessly.