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Omegle is a site for talking to strangers. Years ago, parents worried about the use of omegle! Though the site was developed by an 18 year old, it is not for kids. puts strangers together is a strategicy way. It has powerful chatrooms that can start anonymous talks. The language in is uncensored. This means, there is so much room for sex and adult talks. The best thing about omegle would be its real nature! All conversations in omegle are real and fascinating. The odds of you feeling bored are very low. If you are an older teen, you can engage in trash talks too! But, little ones are kept away from the site.  


The best thing about would be its simple and straightforward nature. You don’t have to worry about navigating to different pages. Everything is showcased in the site’s home page. As you step into the site, you must choose between video or text chats.

Two, the site features powerful web cams. That means, all your video chats would be of high quality and high definition.

Three, video in is carefully monitored. That is why users should keep all their video chats clean. If you break omegle’s policies, you will be banned from the site.

Four, you will be able to find people with similar interests. But, they will completely random. When compared against other chat rooms, omegle maintains a consistent user database. At all times, you will find strangers with your interests and similar needs.

Pricing / Hidden Fees

Omegle is absolutely free! Yes, you read it right! You don’t have to pay a penny for the site’s features. And, there are no hidden charges.

User Benefits

Most users admire for its different modes.

  1. The Pro Spy Mode will let you ask a question about strangers. You can discuss this question with random people. When you are in spy mode, you can read answers or discussions around these questions.
  2.  The Pro Interest Mode strangers are paired with users who share similar interests. They must have something in common. (But, if there are no matches, you will be paired with random users.)
  3. The Pro Dorm Chat expects users to enter email addresses with .edu. This way, you can find users from the associated university or college.

Drawbacks / Complaints

Omegle needs more users! This is what most users feel. With more features, will be able to maintain its current performance.


On the whole, is a great way of meeting new buddies. You can engage in both 1-1 and random conversations. The chats are anonymous and absolutely safe.