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Chatting has become an interesting hobby for many. After all, wouldn’t you want to meet new people with similar (or even better) thoughts? With websites like e-chat, the art of meeting new people has become easier. The website proves that there are so many random users waiting to talk to you. Doesn’t this sound amazing? Wouldn’t you want to meet someone who is waiting for you?

E-chat is a one-of-a-kind website. Everything about this site is controlled and ordered. Yes, you read it right! Using the site is absolutely simple. Due to its simple nature, e-chat is extremely quick too. You don’t have to worry about downloads, plug-ins or complex installation procedures.  


When it comes to features, e-chat is minimalistic. This site depends on chat rooms. That means, you should create or look for chat rooms. Luckily, there are so many chat rooms to choose from.

Two, you can explore e-chat as a guest user. This way, you will be able to experience the site and then decide if you want a permanent account. Guest users have access to most of the chatrooms.

Three, you have the freedom to create your own chat rooms. Once you create chat rooms, you must fill them with people! Invite friends and start chatting. Every chat room in has a unique number. You must use this unique number/link to invite friends.

Four, it is very easy to customize your chat rooms. There is a moderator panel for chatroom owners. Through this panel, you can add people, ban people and remove conversations. (Currently, e-chat is planning to introduce many more features).

Pricing / Hidden Fees

E-chat is a free platform. And, the site doesn’t have any hidden charges. According to site owners, will be free forever.

User Benefits

Chatroom owners love e-chat for its “powerful” moderator panel. This panel will help you create amazing chat rooms! Yes, your chat rooms will be truly amazing. Also, you can create as many chatrooms as required. E-chat doesn’t have any restrictions on how many chatrooms a user can create. In the long run, you are bound to see more features in e-chat. These features will improve your overall experience with e-chat.

Drawbacks / Complaints

Most users find e-chat minimalistic. The chatrooms are planned with basic features. Though free, users are looking for better and more sophisticated features from


On the whole, is a great chatroom to begin with! You can embed the chat room in your websites. E-chat will not affect the overall performance of your website. Also, you can pick users based on your needs and taste. Voila, doesn’t it feel great to own a chatroom with picked users?