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Overview is a champion when it comes to online relationships. The site focuses on the importance of personal efforts and not scientific routines. The online dating site can help you find someone great. They will help you find someone single and “beautiful”. Cupid has a very long history. It was revitalized several times, but the brand didn’t miss on professionalism or vigor. This is a direct and an honest way of meeting amazing people. What makes cupid special would be its “champions”. You will come across many local champions effortlessly. Apart from offering free account, comes with many fascinating features.


Cupid is for anyone and everyone! People of different nationalities, age and gender can access this dating platform. There are no limits or requirements! This makes a welcoming environment.

Two, is known for its success stories. These success stories will give you an idea of how and when to use

Three, the online dating website has a smart search facility. You can choose people based on their profession. This includes “manual”, “house makers”, “technical”, “professionals”, “managerial”, “director”, “unemployed”, “self-employed” or “retired”.

Four, has a quiz section that helps with “stunning” partners. The quiz section is a creative component that focuses on your funny extras.

Pricing / Hidden Fees comes with upfront offers. You can register with the site for free and browse through profile galleries. Even with the free plan, you can experience a sample of extra features. But, doesn’t stop with text messages. There are interesting ways to browse profiles too. This is where paid comes into the picture. You must pay 1 USD per day for a month. With paid, you can highlight status, search for partners and get in touch with “great” people.

User Benefits

As mentioned previously, has a quizzing system. This is an astonishing way of understanding yourself. During the activity, you will answer several answers. These answers will help you spot profiles with similar responses. has amazing matchmaking features. You can use the standard search or just wait for automatic matches. Also, you have Wingman Barney! Barney is a loyal supporter and friend. Few other benefits would be:

  1. Comprehensive matchmaking
  2. Smartphone support

Drawbacks / Complaints

The only drawback with would be the restricted free accounts. Also, the site is extremely pricey.


On the whole, is a creative website. It has changed the dating scene. Without any issues or doubt, cupid is one of the best dating sites in the industry. The site has a streamlined and a dynamic design. Cupid makes dating (especially for singles) an adventure and not a chore.