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You might be reading this article because you are looking for private chatrooms! Well, the virtual industry has changed the way we meet and interact with people. There are so many powerful chatrooms with millions of active users. Creating private chat sessions and group discussions is no longer an issue. Chatzy has evolved to be an ideal destination for group chats. When compared against many other chatrooms, is both interactive and simple. It has a user friendly design that suit all age groups and genders. Regardless of your intentions, chatzy will always have a bunch of active users for you.


One of the biggest features in chatzy would be its simple user interface. It is quite easy to connect with users! The chat rooms are designed intuitively. Connecting with users is both quick and straightforward.

Two, you will have the freedom to connect with people from different parts of the world. Well, chatzy doesn’t stop with friendly talks. What would you do when you have to discuss with colleagues from different regions? How will you clarify your project requirements? This is where chatzy becomes handy.

Three, it is very easy to start private sessions. These private sessions can be used to clear all your issues and doubts. Many small business owners and teams admire chatzy for its private sessions.

Four, chatzy doesn’t expect you to download any software programs. In less than 25 seconds, you can start a chat room.

Pricing / Hidden Fees

Technically, chatzy was founded in 2001. This is one of the oldest chat rooms in the industry. The founder focused on bringing people together. Since the beginning, conversations can be initiated for free. You don’t have to pay for the chat rooms, to add friends or start conversations.

User Benefits

Chatzy has always seen a growing demand. The chat room is simple and easy to master. As mentioned previously, it would be a matter of few seconds before you start sharing. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of users waiting to talk to you. With a striking profile, you can lure plenty of users. Chatzy features an effective message board or blog. These boards/blogs can be linked to your chat rooms. The blogs are used to connect people with similar interests. Boards/blogs can boost your virtual presence.

Drawbacks / Complaints

The only drawback with chatzy would be its text-driven nature. The site doesn’t support web cams or audio devices.


If you want a platform to share text messages, chatzy must be your final pick! This chat room comes with many promising features. The site is extremely secure. It will not harm your social networking experience or “laptop/PC” in anyway.