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With time, Chatroulette has become one of the best known sites for web chatting. The website will help you interact with strangers and socialize online. When compared against many other chatting websites, chatroulette is easy to use and straightforward. Technically, this was the world’s first chatting platform with roulette type chats.

In chatroulette, you can choose web cams randomly. A lot of users admire the site’s roulette type chats! They find the experience interesting and “surprising”.

Features has a very familiar user interface. If you have used other web cam chatting sites, you will find chatroulette similar but easier. The layout is very classy. Indeed, this was one of the first-few websites with such a layout. Though the site is simple, it is definitely not cheap or gaudy in appearance. The web chat rooms are designed in a professional and sleek fashion.

Two, you can choose video chat sessions on the go. The chat site features an “exquisite” video feed section next to the chat/message boxes. With just a click of a button, you will be able to start web cam sessions.

Three, the site allows users to draw on the chat boxes. This will add more fun and energy to your interactions. For example, you can adjust the font sizes, save chats and view previous chats.

Four, chatroulette features many profile settings. You can share information using the profile settings. This includes details like your basic information and interests. However, premium account holders receive “few smart” settings.

Pricing / Hidden Fees delights users with free public shows. Meanwhile, you can buy private shows for “extended” fun! Premium accounts in chatroulette can be classified into two! One, you should pay 10 USD for 100 premium connections or 50 USD for 500 connections. You can filter and choose connections based on your personalized needs. Buying tokens in chatroulette is absolutely simple. You must register with the site and proceed to the payment gateway!

User Benefits

The chat site is admired for its security features. If the site spots illegal activities, underage users or nudity, you will be warned! If you wish to report such issues you can use the site’s support and contacts option. In fact, the site features a special “Report Spam” option next to the chat boxes.

Drawbacks / Complaints

A well-known issue with chatroulette would be the lack of language options. You must be prepared to converse in English!


On the whole, chatroulette leaves a good impression behind. As you upgrade, you will be taken to a “whole new world”. The website features a simple layout and easy to use options. Newbie or experienced, the site will always have something for you!