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ChatForFree is a free and an easy to use web cam site. It hosts a wide range of chat rooms that can be used to chat via the web cam. The site is known for its identifiable links and bright shades. It is very easy to find chat rooms in chatforfree. In fact, you can jump into action with just few clicks of a button. As you enter into the chatrooms, you will be requested to accept certain terms and conditions. Also, you must choose a username. Free accounts in this site comes with many intuitive features like geographic rooms, customizable profiles and interest rooms.  


Chatforfree is loaded with features. These features offered for both registered members and guests. When you login as a guest, you can choose from an interesting range of chatrooms.

Two, the site will let you watch live web cams. This is considered as the site’s key selling feature. The web cams stream high definition, high quality videos. If required, you can broadcast your web cams too!

Three, you can send and receive messages to other users. These private messages will keep you engaged in

Four, you can switch between chat preferences with just a click of a button. The chatrooms are carefully integrated with the web browser. This makes changing and navigating through chatrooms easy.

Pricing / Hidden Fees

As suggested by its name, chatforfree is absolutely free! You don’t have to spend a penny on the site. The site carries great reputation for its free chats. Indeed, this is one of the trusted sites in the market.

User Benefits

Frequent users love many things about chatforfree. To begin with, the site’s simple nature is admired by most users. There is a huge myriad of chatrooms to choose from. The software is extremely fast. This makes switching between chatrooms very easy. As you become familiar with, you can try out its features (there are many features to experiment). These features can be experienced without signing or paying. In addition to these benefits, chatforfree has a lively community. This community will make you feel extremely comfortable.   

Drawbacks / Complaints

The only drawback with chatforfree would be its varying web cam qualities and speed. On a very bad day, the chatroom can become extremely slow. Live web cam videos are likely to freeze. Luckily, you have text chatrooms as a backup with the live web cams fail. 


In this era, web cam chatrooms are visited by 40% of the world’s population. This describes why is famous. The site is designed with a “purpose” in mind. And, it does exactly what it says – is for unlimited hours of free chats!