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Overview is a powerful social networking website for dating. Most people prefer the site for dating purposes. The chatroom comes with many interesting categories: “Any Gender”, “Only Male” and “Only Female”. The dating site delights users with a wide range of search options. These options will help you find people with your dating interests. In the beginning, Chatbazaar was ideal for people from UK. However, things have improved and changed in the past few years. People from different parts of the world are using now. Anyone who wishes to chat and meet people online find the platform useful.


As suggested by its name, chatbazaar is for people who wish to talk and meet strangers. In fact, you are likely to come across people you have already known.

Two, the website supports “speed dating”. This is where you meet a person, talk to him/her for few minutes and check there are chances of a relationship. When you don’t see a connection, you can move to someone else.

Three, chatbazzar has a powerful search engine. Using this search option, you can filter people based on gender, age and country. All users in would fall within these categories.

Four, you can become a “featured” member in chatbazaar. Featured members will gain more attention in the site. They are likely to receive more messages and hits from strangers. Likewise, you can become a “VIP member”. VIPs can have unlimited video chats and speed dates.

Pricing / Hidden Fees

Chatbazaar has two pricing policies. You can access chat for free or become a VIP member. VIP members receive advanced features. This includes exclusive chat rooms and speed dating facilities. Only registered members can access private chats.

User Benefits

To begin with, is a platform for meeting and connecting with people easily. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of members to interact with. If you are a registered member, you access the site’s amazing private chatrooms. These chatrooms can be customized to suit your taste and interests. In Chatbazaar, you have no limits on how long or how many people you connect with.

Drawbacks / Complaints

If you are not interested in UK people, chatbazaar may not suit you! The site is dominated by users from that region. Sometimes, you may face issues connecting with people from different parts of the world (anything but UK).


In, you are bound to meet someone new and interesting. You will definitely find a person to suit your dating needs. The site is customized for daters. The site is easy to use and straightforward. Regardless of your dating or chatting styles, chatbazaar will introduce you to new people.